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Janice F. Amsterdam
Till recently, I worked in Utrecht as a human resource manager. It took me quite some time to get to my work and back each day. My biggest frustration was the unpredictability of the duration of my ride in the car. My job is rather intensive and I like to get home as quick as possible to be able to relax and do the things I like. But most of the times it took me so long that I did not have time to cook a proper fresh meal or to go to the gym after work, which is my favorite thing to do. When a collegue of mine told me about this website, I immediately registered for free. I did get some reactions of some of the other members and each and every day I received new jobvacancies in my personal page. So after a while I noticed a similar job near my home town which, after the interview, I got hired for. So now i can take to metro to get to my work in 20 minutes. I was lucky, because not long after I accepted the job a hiring stop was announced. And I have been told we even have to layof some people. Meanwhile, I have recommended this site on our intranetsit, so hopefully some of the co-workers will be able to find a new job closer to their homes without being fired. On top of that, we hope that we will be able to find new collegues more often that live near the company. All in all, this site reflects a new way of looking at things that in my opinion, we desperately need in these difficult times. Meer verhalen